250 C Temp Sensor lead pos 1
Throttles only
Filter attachments
Throttle manifold size


Throttle bodies and manifolds

Stainless fuel rails and clips

Throttle sensor

You will need the following to complete an EFi installation


Crank Trigger Pulley or other device

Air Filters

Wiring harness



Fuel Pressure Regulator

Coil Pack and Plug Wires

Air Temp- Engine Temp sensors

EFi fuel pump and flow/return fuel system

Available in 45mm 48mm 50mm 52mm with various filter and turbo attachments.
Manifolds are available with 2 core volumes the first is for the 45mm and the second has a 48mm opening and  larger cast ports at the head end.The 45mm size is more than enough for most street engines however if you have very large ports such as wedge port then the the larger manifold will make match porting much easier and some benefit may be had higher in the rev range.




If you intend to add a turbo at a later date then choose the 45mm option with turbo attacments and we can provide the 2 inch neck air filters instead of the 67mm . Turbo attachments are only available in 45mm at the moment .

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