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VW Speedshop Induction System

This new system is probably the first ever aftermarket system manufactured solely for the VW Type 1 engine moving away from the universal IDF and IDA pattern carburettor replacement systems.Designed with engine compartment contraints in mind and neat injector positioning it provides a very clean looking installation. Based around a precision die cast manifold the compact billet machined individual throttle bodies attach with M5 stainless allen bolts with O ring seal. Other features as follows

    Manifolds have extra mounting hole for 044 or heavily welded heads with large port flange

    Integral nitrous oxide injection ports firing straight into the port predrilled 1/16npt for most injectors

    Cad designed intake tract available with 2 runner volumes 210cc and 280cc 45mm and 48mm top ports

    Core design allows 48mm version to be bored to 52mm without leaving a step

    Vac port per runner predrilled and tapped to 1/8npt

    Maximum possible material at the base allows massive ports without welding , attachment uses barrel nuts

    Ports are cast larger than standard in a small oval shape

    Gaskets provided are specially made metal laminated and combined with the 3 bolt mounting system will not blow or suck out

    The 48mm version has larger cast ports making it easy to match to a large wedge port

    Individual throttle bodies are machined from billet and the short design allows better machining accuracy O ring sealed top and bottom

    Available with internally sealed O ring bushes or 8 sealed roller bearings and billet machined caps

    Dual inboard mounted stainless steel throttle return springs with fully adjustable preload no need for extra helper springs

    Independantly adjustable butterflies

    Stainless steel throttle shafts with low profile countersunk butterfly screws

    Throttle position sensor can be mounted on either side or 2 can be fitted

    Full stainless steel nickel brazed fuel rails with jic 6 male hose attachments

    Accurate throttle adjustment screw with easy access and positive locking nut

    Thick stainless steel throttle levers and M7 lock nut

    Various ram pipes available - super light spun ally 150mm long ram pipes, fully radiused filter attachments to accept 2 5/8 inch 66mm rubber neck standard filters double bead allows use with or without clips for quick r+r . Long can be used in buses with extra height and the shorter ones are for use in beetles to allow deck lid closure with filters also short attachments available for use with 51mm 2 inch silicon hoses for turbo or airbox.All the attachments are O ring sealed which also acts as a vibration dampner

    Throttle linkage is manufactered from stainless steel and uses standard ball and socket rod ends.Centre mounted swivel
    rotates on a 8mm stainless shaft with teflon impregnated bronze bushes for smooth action and uses 5mm stainless push rods with LH / RH threads for easy adjusment. Special stainless steel cable attachment also with teflon bronze bush.

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