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Type 1 Fuel Injection Kit

Type 1 Fuel Injection Kit
head temp sensor M6
Air filter
Injector size
Throttle size
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Fuel Injection Kit  with IDF throttle bodies

1 x ECU-  ECU Master EMU
1 Wiring harness
1 air temp sensor
1 head temp sensor
1 Pair throttle bodies with TPS
1 set of 4 injectors
1 Billet pulley with crank trigger hub and sensor
1 Linkage
1 Ignition Coil and plug wires

Air Filter Options
If you want to run the standard common oval style IDF DRLA air filters (not supplied) choose "Oval;" and the
adapter plates will be fitted
and if you want the individual cone air filters with tapered ram pipes choose "Cone Filter"
Wideband Option
The ECU will work with aftermarket wideband controllers like Innovate using an analog input or it has it's own onboard wideband.
If you want to use the onboard wideband choose this option and we will provide the sub harness for the sensor and also calibrate
the sensor in the ECU software.
Fuel Pump and Filter
Efi systems require a flow and return fuel system and a 3 bar ( 43.5psi) pressure regulator which are readily
available from many places. Always use high quality fuel lines and fittings If using an old fuel tank with the possibility
of rust etc we suggest a gauze type filter pre pump and a 10 micron filter on the pressure side


Various throttle sizes are available 38mm thru 48mm
Linkages available for Bay window or Porsche cooling
Turbo compatible
You will need fuel pump,regulator,fuel lines and a wide band lambda kit which are available separately
Kit does not include manifolds- uses IDF or DRLA pattern
System will require the timing setting and tuning

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